PNotes 9.0.107

Excellent sticky note software for your desktop

PNotes is highly customizable, flexible and free sticky note software that will allow you to keep your tasks and to-dos visible and on-schedule. View full description


  • Excellent scheduling options
  • Well presented and easy to use
  • Group and search notes easily
  • Auto-update
  • Password protection


  • Skins must be downloaded separately

Very good

PNotes is highly customizable, flexible and free sticky note software that will allow you to keep your tasks and to-dos visible and on-schedule.

If you have ever used a real sticky note, you'll get the idea behind PNotes. If you have an appointment to remember, something to buy, a person to email or even a new word to learn, just jot it down and stick it somewhere visible, or, in the case of PNotes, on your computer screen.

PNotes' strongest point is undoubtedly its organizational and customization options. Each note can be tweaked - you can change the font, color, transparency and size - and notes in general can be scheduled, skinned, docked, password protected and even encrypted.

All of these options can be modified under Preferences, while most note actions will be accessed via the PNotes icon in the taskbar. Double clicking will create a new note, and right-clicking will give you access to all of the program's options, including a Control Panel, which is perfect for the management of large numbers of notes.

PNotes also stands out for its organizational capabilities. You can group them, assign certain notes as favorites, mark in order of priority and even search notes by name or content. As you can schedule notes to appear only when you need them, you don't even have to clutter up your screen with multiple notes - a definite advantage over the paper kind.

PNotes might just be the perfect sticky note application.


  • Fixed bugs:
  • Improper search by dates (discovered by Holger Stohr)
  • Hidden note does not preserve its group if groups has been changed via "Save As" dialog (discovered by wieselmann)
  • When unsaved pinned note hides (the window it's pinned to becomes hidden or is closed) it enters infinite loop with prompting to save (discovered by Sergey Christov)
  • New features:
  • Added spellchecking using Hunspell library. By default there is only English dictionary, but you can download additional dictionaries from These are .oxt files, but you can open them with any zip archiver, because they are actually zip archives. Extract .aff and .dic files and put them into "dictionaries" directory
  • Added option to set default colors (background, text and cation) or default skin for groups (suggested by oxk4r)
  • Added ability to set volume, speed and pitch for text-to-speech voices (suggested by Gennadiy Plant)
  • Added option to stop sound alarm of note after specified interval (suggested by Gennadiy Plant)
  • Send/receive properties of note are shown in note's tooltip (suggested by Sergey Christov)
  • If selected "Hide notes marked as completed", they will not appear when "Show All" is clicked (suggested by Martin Zihr)
  • -b command line switch may now be followed by custom backup directory (suggested by cominder)
  • Added optional actions for single click on system tray icon (suggested by cominder)
  • All status icons (priority, locked, completed etc) are now clickable and toggle current state. Click on icon "unsaved" will save the note (suggested by sh_666)


PNotes 9.0.107

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